AAW: Asexual Activists & Advocates

One of the most important things for an identity that not many people know about is positive and accurate representation. With that in mind, I have compiled a small list of asexual activists I admire, who are doing an amazing job of bringing asexuality into the mainstream, and making sure the media that portray us do so with respect and sensitivity.

Note: Because I’m from the UK, most of these folks are UK-based as well. There are amazing ace activists all over the world, but these are the ones I hear about the most because of my location. If there’s anyone else whose work you think we should be talking about, drop it in the comments below!

Yasmin Benoit

Creator of the hashtag #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike, Yasmin Benoit has done so much to challenge stereotypes about asexuality, and highlight the beautiful diversity of our community. A quick browse of the hashtag on Instagram will show you that so many different kinds of people identify as asexual, that there is no one way to be ace.


Yasmin was also responsible for creating the first ever official asexual-specific Pride event, known as Ace of Clubs. I was actually lucky enough to go to this event both days that it was on, and despite the sweltering heat of late June, it was an incredible experience. It felt so surreal (in an amazing, validating way) to have a real-world space designed for asexual people.

Yasmin’s work as a lingerie model comes up a lot, because when people first hear about it, they are often under the impression that it somehow conflicts with her asexuality. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and she explains pretty clearly why in the video below:

In short, Yasmin Benoit is an absolute trailblazing icon and I am so happy and proud to have her leading the way for our community. You can see more of her work @theyasminbenoit on Twitter and Instagram.

Emi Salida

Emi Salida is a YouTuber and activist and she is incredibly accomplished at only twenty years old! She has been on Sky News to discuss asexuality and was part of the Asexual Takeover at Pride in London with Yasmin Benoit. She is so sweet and engaging and her YouTube videos are well worth a watch. You can also follow her @embly99 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Samantha Aimee

Samantha Aimee is a content creator on YouTube with some really brilliant and engaging videos about asexuality. The Ace Episodes are really enjoyable and inspiring; they’re so honest and make me want to be more open about my asexuality!

David Jay


David Jay is an important figure in the ace community because he is the founder of the Asexuality Visibility & Education Network (AVEN). AVEN is simultaneously the biggest and best resource for learning about asexuality, and the biggest online community of asexual people, so it’s a pretty big deal!

Julie Sondra Decker


Julie Sondra Decker made an impact on our society’s understanding of asexuality by writing The Invisible Orientation, a book that challenges misconceptions and stereotypes about asexuality. This book offers an introduction to the basics of asexuality, and helps clarify what it is, and what it isn’t.

That’s it for today’s Ace Week post, see you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “AAW: Asexual Activists & Advocates

  1. Having met both Yasmin and Emi I can say they are both lovely people and while I’ve not met Samantha they seem lovely in that video

    Also I’m so glad that Aven exists as it’s how I’ve met so many lovely Ace people and I’ve read that book it’s a good read

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