AAW: Asexual Anthems

It might be Monday, but it’s also Ace Week, so it’s time to get HYPED. And there’s nothing quite like a good playlist to get you in the mood (for raising awareness). To help keep the party going all week long, I’ve scoured Spotify for the best asexual playlists out there. So get those headphones on or turn your speakers up, because we’re here, we’re ace, and those two things don’t rhyme but we’re excited about it anyway!

Some of these playlists have a lot of the same songs but the variations mean they’re all worth listening through!

ASEXUAL ANTHEMS is my go-to playlist when I need some good ace vibes!

This one has such a cute purpley ace aesthetic and I love it!

The Asexual Spectrum playlist is one of the most popular ace playlists on Spotify in terms of follower numbers!

A great playlist of aromantic and asexual jams

Get some Ace Culture in your life!

Simple and straight to the point – this playlist is Asexual!

Last but not least, celebrate your Asexual Pride with this playlist!

I hope these songs will keep you full of Pride and bopping along all through Asexuality Awareness Week 2019. See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “AAW: Asexual Anthems

  1. Can’t remember if I have a spotify log in or not but if not I will create one purely to listen to these playlists in full thank you for reccomending them

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