My First Tattoo!

Earlier this month, I got my first ever tattoo (sorry Dad)! I’d been thinking about it for a long time – almost a year, in fact. I found a design that totally inspired me, and after a year of wanting it, I finally booked myself in to get it done.

As I often do, I was scrolling through witch illustrations on Etsy in February 2018, when I happened upon this set of witch stickers by Feefal (who I had already been following on Instagram for some time):


I instantly fell in love with the moon phases tattooed on the purple witch’s forearm. I took a screenshot the moment I saw it, and kept coming back to it throughout the year.

By November I was fairly certain that I was going to get the tattoo (and soon!), so I made sure to purchase the artwork that had originally inspired me – plus an awesome print to boot.

The design I got is different to Feefal’s original illustration, but still very much inspired by it. This is my tattoo the day I got it done (note my awesome Secret Power t-shirt and eyes wide with equal measures of pain and excitement):

moon-tattoo-on-the-dayAnd now that it’s all healed, here is a more recent photo, in which I look considerably less terrified (coincidentally doing almost the same pose as the witch in the original illustration by Feefal):

Can you tell I like adding sparkle effects to my pictures?

It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it might, although I do have quite a high pain tolerance anyway. It felt a bit like when someone is doodling on your skin, except they’re digging the pen in really hard. Which I guess is exactly what was happening, in a way!

I am very grateful to @jebadiahtattoo for my fab new tattoo, he’s a great artist and you should check out his work!

Additional thanks to Britt from Alternatively Speaking for offering me aftercare advice on Twitter, and directing me to this blog post which goes into more detail.

I’m very happy with my moons and can’t wait to fall in love with another design. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo of that design you love, I say go for it! Life is short and art is good.

13 thoughts on “My First Tattoo!

  1. I absolutely love it! I actually have a similar print hanging in my living room I bought from Etsy. 😊 and a sun tattoo. Growing up my whole room was stars, sun & the moon. 🌙⭐️☀️

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