Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Last year I made a pretty bold move style-wise and dyed my hair pink – and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve never been one for styling hair; I can just about manage to put my hair in a ponytail. But when it comes to colour, I love using hair as a form of self-expression. I’ve tried loads of different colours in the past: purple, black, red, ginger, but never anything as “out there” as bright pastel pink.

Why pink? What does it mean? It just means I like pink hair. It’s as simple as that – I wanted it so I got it. I’ve always liked pink hair. In every game where you can customise your character’s appearance, I end up giving mine pink hair. I am immediately intrigued by books or shows touting pink-haired main characters. Pink was never even my favourite colour, but for some reason I was always drawn to it as a hair colour.

Not every style choice has to “mean” something (I’m looking at you, people who ask about tattoos). But that in itself kind of gives it meaning for me, the liberating feeling of doing something you want, simply because you want to, regardless of what anyone else thinks. I often try too hard to blend in or stay invisible, so dyeing my hair pink is a very loud, very visible expression of a self who is so used to staying quiet.

I Use My Hair to Express Myself
“I use my hair to express myself.”

As a result, my confidence has gone way up since I started dyeing my hair. I was actually surprised how much of a difference it made. I guess it’s a bit harder to hate yourself when you like what you see in the mirror! Since then I have decided to make nothing but positive changes and I am now in a much better state of mental health than I was a year ago. The hair colour was one small change, but it was the catalyst for a whole new outlook on life for me. I’m not saying that dyeing your hair pink will magically fix all your problems, but it can certainly help you feel better about yourself. I would say that if you’ve got a style change on your mind – a new tattoo, piercing, or hair style/colour – then you should absolutely go for it, because the benefits of doing something just for you are innumerable.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to make bold style choices – a lot of schools and workplaces don’t allow a great deal of self-expression (which I think is shameful). But changing your looks isn’t the only way you can express yourself! Decorate your desk with cute stationery, wear your ID badge on a unique lanyard, put enamel pins on EVERYTHING. In any way you can, surround yourself with pretty things that bring you joy (including yourself!), because sometimes it is the smallest things that can turn a bad day around.

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